Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beyond the Tree

I've been working on a book...
NO! A different book:-D My western is going really slow. But the story I'm working on now, i just started writing it 4 nights ago and I already have like 15 pages done. And I mean literaly writing. A pen and spiral-bound notebook.

Young Blake has a special power.
He can talk to animals, tame and untame, and trees.
While he was helping his cousin Mary build a raft, he cuts a limb off of an Apple Tree and loses his power.
Heartbroken, the boy talks to his grandfather, a very wise old man.
Grandfather tells Blake to return to the tree and go through the door set in the trunk.
Blake doesn't understand what he means but goes anyways.
He returns with Mary to the tree.
When they get there, it still looks like a tree trunk. No door.
Mary walks over and spots something that looks like a knob.
She pulls it and a door opens.
(okay, the door was the shape of an upside-down U.)
While they enter a different world, Blake wonders, will he ever get his power back?
So thet's the plot! Esqe.
Later Gators!