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Maddie is a girl who has her nose in a book %75 of the time and is writing for the rest of it. 
Her favorite place to write is on her bed with her puppy, Jazzy, beside her. She loves playing her guitar and hanging out with her family and friends. She completely geeks out at everything Star Wars, Narnia, Sherlock Holmes and Middle Earth. She has a heart for the classics, but enjoys a good modern story. Fantasy is her favorite book genre. She is writing both a fantasy series and a modern espionage series. She is looking forward to sharing her sense of adventure with the rest of the world.Maddie is the oldest of five siblings; one brother and three sisters. The older of her three sisters, Allison, is in raptures at her latest story and is working on a book series herself.

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You can add her on Goodreads and on Pinterest. She would love for you to check out the story club she's in so you can go on and meet other aspiring writers.

Thank you for your time.

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