Thursday, June 20, 2013


 "Jo! Jo can you hear me?" i heard a distant voice calling my name. I looked around in the think white cloud in vain.
"David!" I yelled as I wiped the tears from my face. "Dave where are you?"
"Keep talking Jo. I'll find you, don't worry." He called in a soothing manner.
"I'm scared. Where am I? Where are you?" I was starting to panic.
"Just keep talking Josie, I'll find you."
I pulled my coat closer around me and shivered. I don't even know where I am. I had been walking home from the little coffee shop I love when the fog came in thick, white and sudden. I had turned back to run for shelter when I lost my way. It was getting dark quickly.
"David? How did you know where I am? I don't even know where I am."
There was a pause before he said,"I don't know how I knew." He sounded closer. 
"Dave!" I shouted. I looked around and noticed the fog was starting to lift. There was a figure right in front of me.
The shape turned. 
I ran up to him and threw my arms around his chest. I started sobbing with relief.
David hugged me tight and rubbed my back while he spoke softly,"shhh. I've got you. It's okay. You're not lost anymore."
He wiped my face dry with the sleeve of his coat.
"Let's go home." He held out his arm and I linked mine in his and smiled at him. The fog was thin now and light from the lamp posts streamed around us while we walked in the direction of my home.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

•Fate, P2•

You wouldn't realize how hard it is to time travel, or be a Time Traveler.

First off, I am a type of type of Time Traveler known as a Time Warrior.

I am sent off into the past and/or future to help in a random war, battle or fight.

I've been to places and times that the history books don't tell about.

I've been in totally different dimensions.

My last mission, the one with poor Hugh, was a war. 

Hugh's father was killed by rebels who took over the palace of Kilnna in Drached.

You've never even heard of that place or war, have you? 

Well, I was sent to help the Draghs win.

They did win and then I was sent back to my home time in the 20th century.

The downfall of being a female Time Warrior is that many profess love. 


I want to be married someday, but for now I would LOVE for that stuff not to happen to me.

I, as a teen in America in my normal time zone, am a usually happy person until some poor guy falls in love. 

Then I end up breaking their hearts.

It's really not fun. 

I hate hurting people.

The second thing:

You learn soooo much from being in different times!

I've only been to three recorded wars in my travels; one was with Alexander the Great, one was with the Israelites when they where surrounded on the walled city of Jerusalem and the last was the Civil War.

It was amusing to see the Roman technology. The Israeli war was a fierce thing to behold. The Civil War was terrifying. 

I've been to 6 future wars that will be to hard for you to understand, so I'll save you the trouble of confusion.  I'll just tell you that the weapons were VERY deadly, but the new inventions and technology were AWESOME.

So something more about my family,

I've got an older brother, Mike (24), his wife Leah (23), their son Roy (4) and one older cousin, Jeff (19).

The year Mike turned 18 my parents where killed in a car wreck. He had an apartment so he moved me in with him.

He met Leah in High School and they got married soon after they graduated.

They don't know about me. Time freezes for me so that nobody expects that there is something wrong with me. I don't really have friends. They think I'm a nerd because I get really high scores on history. That's the only thing I'm good at though.

It's my fate to be alone and prepared for the unexpected.  Because believe me, you have to expect the unexpected in order to survive.