Monday, April 30, 2012


Do you like to read?  Or do you love to read?
I LOVE to read:-)  But I can't always find good books.  I know there are lots of teens, like me, who don't know if the book every one is talking about is inappropriate or if it's just plain bad.  So I decided to try and help.  I know books that are good, classic, interesting, and educational. 

Before I start to bombard you with book titles and authors, what is your reading style?  Do you like Science fiction?  Historical fiction?  Classic stories?  Fairy-Tales?  Mysteries?  Adventures? 

Comment and tell me what kind of storyline you like and I'll do my best to show results:-)

Sound good?

I hope you enjoy following me!

Your Fellow Bookworm,
Constence Amelia Stowe

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  1. Hi! I can't wait to read more! I like:

    *Historical Fiction
    And, I'm not sure what Science Fiction is.. :) Thanks! Can't wait to see what books you come up with! :)


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