Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! and a better note.

Ah!  Writing a book is stressful.  Fun.  But stressful. 
Well I'll start from a better spot to try and make it understandable....  ish.
I'm writing a book. 
And I have someone ready to read it and edit it as soon as I'm done writing it.  
I want to suprise my family with the first ever edition. 
So I'm trying to write it in secret.  
But with 4 younger siblings (can I say nosey?  or does it have to be "annoyingly curious?) it's hard with "what are you doing?", "what does that say?", "what's in the notebook?", and many many more things going off in your ears all the time while trying to keep it a secret.  Did that make sense? 
My brother and sisters keep trying to find out what I'm writing.
And on top of that, I've got to get it done by the 22th of this month.  Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Other than being stressed it fun to be writing it!

And the better note:  Jane Austen!  She is one of my top ten favorite authors!  I've read four of her books.  I think they are actually novels. 
1.  Emma;  A very good story line.  Girl is into match-making.  Finds out that a few people have fallen in love with her.  Marrys in the end to the one who she loved most  It's tougher to understand than the other three listed below.
2.  Sense and Sensibility;  Easier to understand, but the girl in the book is quite silly in my opinion.
3.  Pride and Prejudice;  This one is my favorite one of all!  The main girl has her feet firmly on the ground.  She is very close with her oldest sister.
4.  Northanger Abbey;  This is my second favorite.  The main girl falls in love with a very smart man.

Do any of you have books you want to publish?  Poems?  Anything like that?  Here is a company that will help you:-)  The Dorrance Publishing Co.

Lator gators!


  1. I agree with you about writing books.

  2. Hey! You got awarded on my blog: http://readerofcreativity.blogspot.com/2012/08/dragonmaster-blog-award.html
    Go check it out!

  3. I agree! Pride and Prejudice is very good.=D


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