Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a short story - taken away

"We've got her!" Austin yelled with a laugh.
He ran out of the summer home's garden, pushing a wheelchair. In the wheelchair sat a laughing girl.
Josie ran out next, with a basket packed full of different foods from the pantry.
Andrew and Mary waited by the gate, slamming it shut after their friends escaped and before the maid and cook could catch them. They took off towards the forest, hooting with delight as the cries of, "They've done it again!" and "they've stolen her away, the rouges!" lingering behind them.
They shouted in triumph and danced around the halted seat.
The four raggedy friends, and the young lady from the house.
She laughed until tears ran down her face.
"Thus we save you from your terror, Laylanna." cried Andrew.
"You are my hero's, all of you." she dried her eyes and tossed her close cropped head.
Josie and Mary pushed her chair to the blanket spread out on the Forrest floor. The two boys gentle lifted her out and set her on the ground.
"You must stop encouraging your beux. We never see you any more." Mary pouted.
"Oh, I try to discourage them. They just won't leave." She shrugged. "That and my health has not been as well."
Her four friends grew silent.
"But never mind my troubles!" she urged, "Tell me about what troubles you have conjured up."
As they ate, they took turns of telling their adventures and what was forgotten someone else corrected. Laylanna smiled as she listened. She loved how the four were rough yet gentle, loud yet silent, argumentative yet loving. They loved and forgave each other.
At the end of their picnic, they begged the lady to sing.
"We've missed your voice." they told her. As she sang, the friends relaxed. Mary curled up and rested her head on Austin's shoulder. Andrew lay at one side of Laylanna, sprawled on the ground smiling up at the treetops; Josie sat on the other side, holding the hand of her friend and humming along with every tune.

It was dusk when they returned to the summer home. They pushed her chair around the garden, and into the back entry. They bid her goodbye and headed off to their home.
A band of ruffians they may be, but a true family they are. 

This is just an idea i've got... It's based on four of my friends that I love very dearly <3

Your writerly friend,

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