Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Best Friend is a Robot

Today I'm here with a sneak peek from my latest story, My Best Friend Is a Robot.

Golly, I'm in love with this plot! But it's not long enough to be a full novel, so it's going to be a fast and furious action packed novella. Whoop de do! I'm aiming for about 20,000 words at the least.

MBFiR is set in a dystopian setting. I hope it turns out at least half as good as I'm hoping.

"Right now, we aren't living. We're just... Existing." - Dawn
In this paticular time setting, the government is in control of everything. And by everything, I mean even the oxygen needed to breath. This government maintains the perfect lifeforms. There are no germs, there is no sickness, nobody is unhealthy. Everything and everyone is perfect.

"There are the ups to this way of life, but the bad far outnumber the good." - Seth
 This is truely one wacko government here, people. Like, insane. They choose when you marry, who you marry, how many kids you can have, decide if your kids should live, what the perfect time is for you to die, just bad bad bad BAD. My characters are fixing to stop it. But that doesnt mean they will. But there is a whooping %5 chanch that they could. With my carefully placed plot twists and so much more goody goodyness, I hope I don't completely kill my story.

And on with the peek I promised!

My name is Dawn Ryder. This is the story of how I rescued my best friend. By “best friend” I mean my robot; Seth.Yeah, I bet that sounds really weird. Let me explain:The year is 2417. There are three countries left on planet Vouch which was lately known as Earth. Yep, the planets were renamed. Stupid world leaders. Anyways, three countries: Egone, Prine, and Chash.
These three countries worked together but apart: Egone supported the animal world, protecting every species from the harm of unknown dangers this world has developed in the last three hundred years. Prine grew every know plant known to mankind and that’s where the other two countries get their food supply. And Chash is where they create the perfect people. I live in Chash.In Chash there are twenty five levels. In every level there are different classifications. Everyone has been genetically altered to have specific traits: Red hair, brown hair, white hair, black hair, blond hair, blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes, brown eyes, skin, hair, and nose. Blah, blah, blah.I lived in Level nine, where everyone has been genetically modified to have black hair, green eyes and freckles. Everyone was the same. Almost everyone, that is. I was the oddball.
I love history – especially the history before the levels were created. What little they give us, anyways. I wanted to be independent. I wanted to see the ground, like the planet’s surface. But we weren’t allowed to go down. I was sick of the same everyday routine. I wanted it to be different.
So basically, I had no friends. Nobody wanted to be friends with a weirdo. I was told that the kids who learn more than they are supposed to get taken away from the levels and were never seen again. I’ve been warned. Numerous times. Whatever.Eventually, my perfect parents realized that I was lonely and so for my thirteenth birthday I was given Seth. He was already programed for my needs. Or that’s what they told me.

Your pal,

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